List of my publications

Selected list of recent publications:

酒井信一郎. (2016). 「観光における『見ること』の組織化」酒井泰斗・浦野茂・前田泰樹・中村和生・小宮友根(編)『概念分析の社会学2』ナカニシヤ出版.

酒井信一郎. (2016). 「読むことを『読む』」前田拓也・秋谷直矩・朴沙羅・木下衆(編)『最強の社会調査入門:これから質的調査をはじめる人のために』ナカニシヤ出版.

酒井信一郎・池谷のぞみ・粟村倫久. (近刊). 「ワークとしての情報行動:ワークプレイス・スタディーズ:働くことのエスノメソドロジ ー』ハーベスト社.

酒井信一郎. (近刊). 「組織におけるワークとデザイン」***

酒井信一郎. (近刊). 「余暇とスポーツ」***

Sakai, S., Korenaga, R., & Shigeyoshi-Sakai, T. (2015). Learning to become a better poet: Situated information practices in, of, and at a Japanese tanka gathering. Information Research, 20(1). (Final version from conference proceedings at ISIC 2014 at Reeds, UK)

Sakai, S., Korenaga, R., Mizukawa, Y., & Igarashi, M. (2014). Envisioning the plan in interaction. In M. Nevile, P. Haddington, T. Heinemann, & M. Rauniomaa (Eds.), Interacting with objects: Language, materiality, and social activity (pp. 339-356). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Sakai, S., Awamura, N., & Ikeya, N. (2012). The practical management of information in a task management meeting: Taking “practice” seriously. Information Research, 17(4). (Final version from conference proceedings at ISIC 2012 at Tokyo, Japan)

Ikeya, N., Awamura, N. & Sakai, S. (2010). Why do we need to share information?: Analysis of a collaborative task management. In J. Foster (Eds.), Collaborative information behavior: user engagement and communication sharing (pp. 89-108). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.

Selected list of recent conference talks:

酒井信一郎. (2016). Eat later, waste less: The practical utilization of leftover food. 日本社会学会第89回大会報告、2016年10月8日.

Sakai, S. (2015) A walk in the park. Paper presented at  International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (IIEMCA) 2015, Kolding, Denmark, August 2015.

Sakai, S. & Ikeya, N. (2013). On the practical benefits of visualizing tasks. Paper presented at IIEMCA 2013, Toronto, Canada, August 2013.

Ebita, D. & Sakai, S. (2013) Looking for the adequate “dose": Sending an electric impulse to the patient’s body in electrotherapy. Paper presented at IIEMCA 2013, Toronto, Canada, August 2013.

Sakai, S., Ikeya, N. & Awamura, N. (2010). On “benefit” of making visible: visualization in task management. Paper presented at Social Studies of Science (4S), Tokyo, Japan, August 2010.


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